11.6 Inch MacBook Air in Production?

Apple [AAPL] is rumoured again to be revamping the MacBook Air. This time the rumours indicate that it will have an LED backlit display that measures 11.6 inches. The 11.6 inch screen makes it almost 2 inches smaller than the current 13.3 inch MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air its self has only received a couple of revisions in the almost three years of its existence. It is believed this is the case due to lower sales than expected and Apple kind of forgetting about it.

It isn’t clear what else Apple will do to the MacBook Air other than the obvious more power, better battery life and quicker processor for starters. What they could do is follow rumours of 2008 in which they were apparently looking at a carbon fiber casing to shave perhaps 100 grams off the total weight of the laptop.

The rumours of a new Air have started up again because of some evidence of some 11.6 inch LED backlit screens shipping.

On Friday, a report put out by Taiwanese rumor site DigiTimes appears to further corroborate such claims, alleging that Apple’s primary notebook manufacturer Quanta has landed orders to produce the first 400,000-500,000 11.6-inch “MacBooks” for delivery to the Mac maker before the end of the 2010 calendar year.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details and update as necessary.

Via: Apple Insider

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