10GB Plan Coming to T-Mobile US

T-Mobile is looking at launching a new 10GB plan for users in the coming weeks. The information was leaked by TmoNews which shows a new plan being added that brings 10GB on webConnect which is also seen to have a price tag of $79.99/month. For those who regularly hit their 5GB limit, this plan will be ideal for you.

We also see that T-Mobile will also offer a 20% discount for those that mix it with a qualifying voice plan. In turn, this will bring the data costs down to $63.99.

Other plans shows that for $49.99 you get 5GB and for $29.99 you get 1GB of data, each has the same 20% discount available when pairing it with a qualifying voice plan.

Along with the data amounts changing, we also see that the speed reduction threshold, as T-Mobile call it, is being set at 5GB for the lower 2 plans and 10GB for the upper plan.

As for a launch date, the T-Mobile document leaked says that the new webConnect prices will be made available on March 13.

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