Maybe 100,000 Motorola DROID’s Already Sold

motorola-droidLast Friday saw the release of the Motorola DROID which is the first smartphone to run the Android 2.0 OS. Reports are showing that perhaps 100,000 phones were sold in the first weekend of it’s launch. Verizon at the weekend had 200,000 DROID handsets made available and most of the stores sold at least half the stock indicating that perhaps 100,000 were sold in total.

The information came from Mark McKechnie of Broadpoint AmTech Inc who has also indicated that Motorola expect to sell 1 million phones based on Android software this year and 10 million in 2010.

Although it’s not quite iPhone numbers, it certainly is a good move in the right direction for Motorola who (in my opinion) have struggled over the last few years.

‘It wasn’t as good as the iPhone, but anybody that was expecting that had their expectations too high, said Suva, who recommends buying Motorola shares. Traffic in Verizon stores through the first three days was ‘continually good, he said.

Let’s see how Motorola does for the remaining part of this year and throughout next year. I don’t believe they will catch up the iPhone, but if they launch phones like the DROID then sales should go quite well for them. Via: Bloomberg


  1. Headline: Droid sold only 9% as many units as the iphone did during its initial weekend.

    I wonder why????

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