1 Million Subscribers Now at Spotify

Spotify has reached another milestone today and has just announced that they now have 1 million paying subscribers to the service. The 1 million subscribers count arrives about two years after the 1 million users mark which at that time, was also a big accomplishment for the company.

Daniel Ek also comments that about 200 million playlists have been created so far.

In September of last year, Spotify hit the 10 million members mark with its free service. They also have launched a WebOS, iOS and Windows Phone 6 (7 coming soon) versions of the software which allows users to listen to music on the go.

We also understand that in the next few months the company will be launching in the US which should see a huge boost in the numbers of subscribers. We’ll keep an eye on the company and let you know of any new milestones and announcements as they happen.

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