WiFi Plus Cellular option appears in iOS 6 beta 4

Apple is adding a new setting to iOS 6 that will make data connections run a little smoother. The setting is called WiFi Plus Cellular and has the aim of making connections better for situations where WiFi starts to struggle and slow down. When this happens, connections will jump automatically to 3G while the wireless network clears up any congestion.

The setting is found in the Settings > General > Cellular and is simply is a toggle switch that can turn the option on or off.

Potentially it will allow seamless calls on Facetime or other IP voice/video services to function more smoothly and let these services dip in and out of a wireless connection smoothly.

I expect iOS 6 to launch along side the iPhone 5, perhaps as early as next month. I also believe that Apple will be including even more extra features for the iPhone 5 in a similar way to how they added Siri to the 4S. Expect to hear more very soon!


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