Kickstarter: Portable Tire Inflator

I came across this cool-looking tire inflator today on Kickstarter. I’m a little late to the game on this one, given that it first arrived at the end of July, but it’s still worth a shoutout here because there are still around three weeks left for the Kickstarter to complete.

The device comes in two versions, the ONE and ONE Pro, the Pro having a larger battery at 10,400 mAh compared to 7,800 mAh on the ONE. Inflation speed is also quicker on the Pro. Other than that, they both have almost identical specifications.

The project had a modest goal of reaching $5,000, which quickly beat that and currently stands at $264,859 at the time of writing this. Impressive!

One question I had is about the number of tires that can be inflated. The actual number depends on the size of the tire, the PSI you have it set to, and from what level you are inflating the tire. For example, a VW Golf with 195/65 R15 tires can inflate to 35 PSI from 80% to 100% 11 to 12 times. Other tire sizes vary, with some reaching up to 24 times. In other words, you can stash the Pro away for 400 days and have the ability to inflate a tire still before needing to recharge. The non-Pro version is suitable for 300 days on standby.

Overall, an impressive-looking and useful gadget. Although it is more expensive than a tire pump that connects to the 12v port in the car, the convenience of no wires makes it very handy.